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How to Succeed in Weight Loss and Lose Fat

Ask yourself these questions…

Why do you want to lose weight?

What’s wrong with your appearance and life that you need to lose weight?

Remind yourself why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.


Ask yourself:

What do you want in life?

Is it that slice of cake?

Is it those bag of chips?



Is this what you want in life?!

Are you satisfied with who you are?

Aren’t you tired of being fat?

You can’t even wear good clothes because you can’t fit them!

You get bullied and people laugh at you!

You can’t walk up the stairs without sweating and being out of breath!

What do you want in life?

A cookie or a boyfriend?

To be called pretty or to be called a fat-ass all your life?

NEVER ask yourself “Can I lose fat?”

Ask yourself “Will I lose fat?”

Don’t blame others and make excuses in life for being fat!

It’s YOUR fault!

It’s YOUR responsibility!

It’s YOUR body!

Only YOU can change your body and life!

Stop Cheating On Your Life!

It’s 2013! Appearance Matters!

Your appearance will change how people talk to you, how people see you, and how your life is.

It can determine where you work, who you marry, and so much more.

You’ll start to enjoy your life more, make new friends, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, and everything will change.

Many people forget how unhealthy being fat is.

How long do you want to live?

Do you want cancer?

Do you want to live a healthy life?

I guarantee you this:

   Your Life Will Change.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Wanting it and Needing it are two different things!

Push yourself past your limits in the gym!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Be determined!

So many people are just rock bottom.

They raised the white flag and don’t care.

They’re tired of their life and they don’t know what to do.

They seek nothing. They’ve given up.

Never Give Up!

Never Lose Hope!

Always Believe in Yourself and Go For It!

You’ll be Amazed at What You Can Do and Become!

So my last question to you is:

    Will You Lose Weight?

All Up To You:)




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